CHC Legacy Society

Community Health Center is proud to be able to improve the health of our community through the provision of comprehensive, high quality, compassionate health care to call regardless of ability to pay for the past 25 years. We are able to achieve this mission and care for more than 25,000 of your friends and neighbors through the support of our generous community.   

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To continue to have a lasting impact on Community Health Center’s success, and to set CHC up to be able to continue to expand access for new patients, you are invited to join the CHC Legacy Society. There are countless opportunities to extend the benefits of your generosity to future generations that we can share with you. A planned gift to Community Health Center is an investment in the future of our community’s health and well-being, and can ensure that we will be able to address the health needs of individuals when we are called upon.    

Community Health Center relies on the generous philanthropic spirit of our community to continue to expand to provide access to care to those individuals who need us most. CHC focuses on the whole-health of patients, helping them address housing insecurity, food insecurity, transportation challenges, financial difficulties, employment challenges, language barriers without charge or reimbursement. CHC also offers sliding scale discounts to patients based on their income and ability to pay, making your continued support so important for our sustainability and community impact. 

Your participation in the Community Health Center Legacy Society will make a world of difference to our organization and the patients of CHC.  As a participant, you will receive:

  • Inclusion of your name on a CHC donor materials and Legacy Society plaque – or the ability to pledge your support anonymously
  • Special invitation to kick-off Legacy Society event, as well as future events
  • Token of appreciation from CHC for joining this vital group
  • Flexible giving options that match your needs and can provide tax advantages
  • Thanks, gratitude and endless appreciation from all of us at CHC!

Members of the CHC Legacy Society will play such an important role in our ability to provide increased access and we would be honored to have you join us in this treasured group. Thank you for taking the time to consider making a lasting impact on the mission of Community Health Center, and the overall health of our community. To learn more about the CHC Legacy Society, and other giving options at CHC, please contact Christopher Ellis, Director of Organizational Advancement at (508) 477-5990 or [email protected].

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