New Patient

Community Health Center has made the difficult decision to place a temporary hold on new patient applications. We, like many other primary care providers in the Commonwealth and the Nation, have experienced an overwhelming demand for our services and have faced significant workforce challenges following the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last several years, CHC has seen double-digit growth in patients requesting our services. Currently, over 26,000 members of our community have chosen Community Health Center as their health care home. Despite the hire of over 5 new Primary Care Providers in the last year as well as other support staff, we have found it difficult to maintain access for our existing patients when they (you) need us.

CHC values and respects our mission to improve the health of our community through the provision of equitable, patient-centered, high quality, compassionate health care to all, regardless of ability to pay. It is our sincere hope and desire to minimize our temporary hold on new patient applications so we may better serve you and meet our mission, vision and values. As always, during this intermission, CHC will remain a safety net and essential community provider for those without insurance or those who struggle with the affordability of care. Health care services for all will continue to be provided through our walk-in locations.

Thank you for your understanding.