Improving Your Health Through Technology

Technology continues to advance how we deliver healthcare. To help our patients benefit from these advances, Community Health Center uses telecommunications technology in delivery of health care services through our Telehealth program.

Community Health Center offers a number of Telehealth options to drive meaningful and lasting change to help patients better manage chronic conditions, improve overall health and, ultimately, reduce the costs of providing health care.

The program’s goal is to maximize community resources and improve care delivery systems. This means increased access to high quality, affordable health care, while reducing inefficiencies such as preventable emergency room visits, hospitalizations and overall cost of care. Telehealth benefits all of our patients and helps improve care for diverse patient populations.

Telehealth services at Community Health Center currently include:

  • MyChart: The MyChart patient portal is available to all patients and provides secure online access to your care teams and ability to manage appointments and health records.
  • Video Interpreting: We provide an on-demand, mobile video connection to medically trained language interpreters, including American Sign Language. We use iPads on stands with wheels which allow us to bring the interpreter to non-English-speaking patients wherever they are within our Health Center.
  • Telepsychiatry: We utilize video conferencing technology for virtual delivery of Psychiatry services to our patients. This enables our Behavioral Health providers to conduct patient visits at any location throughout any of our offices, regardless of where the patient may be.
  • Teleoptometry: Patients living with diabetes can get screened for diabetic retinopathy, a disease that can lead to blindness if left untreated.
  • Teledermatology: We can capture and forward high-resolution images of a patient’s skin health concerns to a board certified dermatologist for review, all without even needing to leave the room.
  • TeleSUD: Suboxone, Sublocade, and Vivitrol treatments are available for individuals seeking substance use disorder treatment.
  • Digital Navigator: CHC’s Digital Navigator works with any patients in need of assistance in accessing/using MyChart or Zoom video visits. Please talk to your care team if you’d like to be connected to our navigator and learn how to best utilize technology to improve your care.

Healthcare Hub Kiosks: Community Health Center is excited to introduce our new Healthcare Hub kiosks, with one currently available for use at the Falmouth Pharmacy (200 Jones Road). These state-of-the-art kiosks are designed to provide convenient access to essential health measurements, including blood pressure and pulse oximeter readings. Open to both the public and our patients, these kiosks aim to streamline the process of monitoring vital signs, making it easier for you to stay on top of your health. For CHC patients, the kiosks offer the added benefit of seamlessly integrating with MyChart, allowing your readings to be automatically transferred to your medical records for efficient and accurate tracking.

Our Healthcare Hub kiosks are user-friendly and designed with your convenience in mind. Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident using these kiosks to manage your health. By offering these advanced tools, we are committed to making your health care experience more efficient and accessible. Visit the kiosk in Falmouth from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm to take advantage of this innovative service and take an active role in managing your health goals. Community Health Center offers a convenient telehealth tool called SmartExam. Adult CHC patients can access the SmartExam through the link below any time of day or night. A Community Health Center provider will review the exam and reply with atreatment plan, including prescriptions ordered, if appropriate. Providers may notify patients directly if they determine an in-person or video visit is necessary to diagnose their ailment.

Please click here to access SmartExam

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program: This pilot program allows our Complex Care Team to collect biometric data on some of our highest-risk patients from their homes. Patients are supplied with a cellular-enabled monitoring device specific to their condition, which automatically and securely uploads medical data to their care team. This helps us ensure our patients can have the best possible outcomes from their care plans. The program will offer patients a way to manage their chronic disease, stay connected with a CCM team member between visits, and eliminate the need for transportation to an appointment.

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Improving your health

We use technology to help keep you healthy.

Increased Access to Specialty Care

Increased access to care and decreased barriers to specialty services within your community and in primary care setting.

Communicating with your health team

We use technology to make communicating with us easy, effective, and accessible to all.