Standing with the Community we Serve

June 15, 2020

America’s Federally Qualified Community Health Centers owe our existence to a series of events in U.S. history, and to a number of dedicated public health and civil rights activists who fought more than 50 years ago to improve the lives of Americans living in poverty and in desperate need of high quality, affordable health care.

The integrated, community-based model of care that emerged through the efforts our founders Jack Geiger, MD, Count Gibson, MD and John Hatch, PhD continues to serve as the foundation and reminder of the importance of our work and that which still lies ahead in improving health within our communities, as well as the social barriers that still exist and impact the lives of the most vulnerable.

In the words of Dr. Geiger, “A community health center can serve as an agent of social change, intervening not only in the social determinants of our population’s health, but also launching a process of structural change that starts to liberate the population through community empowerment from repetitive cycles of poverty and political exclusion.”

Community Health Center of Cape Cod stands with the community we serve in creating an environment free of racial injustice, intolerance and discrimination. We remain steadfast to our mission and serving as champions for the establishment of safe, healthy and inclusive environments for all.  


Karen L. Gardner
Chief Executive Officer 
David V. Peterson, Jr.
President, Board of Directors