Community Health Center of Cape Cod Nationally Recognized as High-Performer for Patient Quality Outcomes

June 21, 2018

Community Health Center of Cape Cod has been nationally recognized by OCHIN as a “High Performer” based on patient quality outcomes. OCHIN is a nonprofit health care innovation center that provides health IT tools to help health centers achieve core components of quality care, including improved patient experiences, enhanced community health, and controlled costs. Over the last five months, OCHIN has built a methodology to define performance and identify “high performers.” Based on the most recent performance data, only 7 out of 86 organizations have emerged nationwide as high performers, including CHC of Cape Cod. These results are based on patient quality outcomes, including hypertension control and diabetes management.

CHC of Cape Cod patients are encouraged to take control of their health and health outcomes, working with their families and care teams to improve preventive and chronic disease health measures. Furthermore, patients collaborate with care teams for disease management and education, case management services, medication education, and have access to low-cost pharmaceuticals and lifestyle change support.

CHC of Cape Cod tracks patient satisfaction with surveys sent out on a regular basis to measure the quality of patients’ experiences with the care they receive at the Health Center. Over the past few years, more than 90% of patients have expressed “excellent” or “very good” satisfaction with the care they received. As a designated high performer, OCHIN will look to Community Health Center of Cape Cod to learn what other organizations can do to support them and what expertise they can share.