Luis Cohen Rubin, DDS, MS

Luis Cohen Rubin, DDS, MS

Dr. Rubin is an Oral Surgeon responsible for providing dental care for outpatients by diagnosing and treating diseases, injuries and malformations of the teeth and gums, improving patient’s quality of life.

Some of the main oral surgery services he provides are:

  • Extractions
  • Impacted teeth (third molars, canines, supernumeraries)
  • Ortho request surgeries (extractions, serial extractions)
  • Prosthetic request surgeries (Multiple extractions, Alveoloplasty, Tori removal, Tuberosity reduction, Crown lengthening,)
  • Orofacial pain
  • TMJ disorders

Dr. Rubin obtained his DDS in Dentistry – Doctor of Dental Surgery from Pontific University Catholic of RGS, RS, Brazil. He completed Residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and was given the title of Specialist in this field. He obtained a Master’s degree with a major area of study in Implantology from Unit IV of Ingá’s Post – Graduation Faculty.  Prior to working at Community Health Center of Cape Cod, he was at Harbor Community Dental Health Center.


Medical School / Graduate School: Pontific University Catholic of RGS, RS, Brazil

Residency / Clinical Training: Cristo Redentor Hospital - Conceição Hospitalar Group

Service Area:


Luis Cohen Rubin, DDS, MS

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