Zoom Virtual Visits Information

In response to COVID-19 and to keep our patients and staff safe and healthy, Community Health Center of Cape Cod can offer you a virtual visit with your medical provider so that you do not need to leave your home.  Although we cannot offer all types of services virtually, a virtual visit is appropriate for some preventive care, follow up, and chronic disease management visits. The resources below will help you access these virtual visits through Zoom.

View the CHC Zoom Virtual Visit Information Guide Here

For more information about the virtual visits, please contact the Health Center at (508) 477-7090. And for more information about the coronavirus and prevention efforts at CHC, please click here.

The virtual visit guide above is based on use on an iPhone, so it may look different on other devices. You can click here for a video from a tech help guide (up to the 2:40 mark) that shows how to use Zoom on an android device.

Zoom security information
The Health Center’s Zoom environment is configured especially for healthcare. It includes security features that make it HIPAA compliant while non-healthcare installations are not. When a patient joins one of our zoom appointments, they are joining this more secure environment.

We use additional Zoom features such as passwords and waiting rooms to further enhance security and protect our environment from unauthorized access.

Community Health Center of Cape Cod has a signed Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with Zoom, which holds Zoom and its staff to the same requirements for the protection of patient data as we have with all organizations that process or transport patient data.

Encryption of Zoom meetings is implemented end-to-end for all users that are using the Zoom client provided through CHC; this includes the Zoom client on PC, MAC, or mobile device. The information is encrypted before leaving the device and is decrypted by the receiving device. This does not allow Zoom employees to access the information shared between patient and provider. Nothing is stored on the Zoom servers.

If your are interested in learning more, this post by Zoom provides additional details: The Facts Around Zoom and Encryption for Meetings/Webinars 

Information about Zoom’s efforts to improve security for public uses during this time of explosive growth can be found on their blog here: A Message to Zoom users about responsibility and security.

To learn more about virtual visits through MyChart, please click here. You can also view a toolkit about telehealth services from The National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers by clicking here.