Karoline Sieracki, MD

Karoline Sieracki, MD

General Medicine Provider

Dr. Karoline Sieracki Rede, MD received her medical degree from Universidade Federal do Parana in Brazil before completing her first internal medicine residency in Rio de Janeiro followed by another at Tufts University in Framingham, MA. She has 10 + years of experience in healthcare, including positions in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Primary Care. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and has contributed to a number of accredited medical publications.  


Medical School / Graduate School: Universidade Federal do Parana

Residency / Clinical Training: Hospital Adventista Silvestre - Rio De Janeiro, Tufts University School of Medicine - Framingham, MA

Service Area:

Primary Care

Karoline Sieracki, MD

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