Community Health Center of Cape Cod Condemns Anti-Asian Violence and Discrimination

March 23, 2021

Community Health Center of Cape Cod stands with our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) staff, patients and those in the community in condemning anti-Asian violence and discrimination. Racism is a public health crisis, resulting in emotional trauma and stress – people of color often feel unsafe and unseen. Our team at the Health Center is committed to supporting all individuals experiencing the impact of violence and negativity, and hope that together we can continue to build a community of healing, health and strength.

While bias and discrimination can appear in many different ways, our Health Center is committed to health equity for all. We continue to take a stand to promote equity and racial justice, support staff and patients who have been marginalized and prioritize antiracism in our community. Health centers in this country were founded on the basis of providing culturally competent care and helping individuals overcome geographic, cultural, linguistic, and other barriers to receive this care. Community Health Center of Cape Cod strives to eliminate systemic racism and provide access for all in a safe, healthy and inclusive environment.

Thank you.


Karen L. Gardner
Chief Executive Officer

David V. Peterson, Jr.
President, Board of Directors