Introducing SmartExam

February 12, 2021

As part of our continued commitment to improve access to care for all in our community, Community Health Center of Cape Cod is now offering a convenient new telehealth tool called SmartExam. Adult patients can access the SmartExam E-visit from MyChart any time of day or night. The patient simply completes an online exam by answering a dynamic set of questions about their ailment. A Health Center provider will then review the exam during walk-in hours (Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:30pm and Friday 8:00am-5:00pm). Once the provider has reviewed and signed the exam, the patient will receive an email with their treatment plan, including prescriptions ordered if appropriate. Providers may also notify the patient directly if they determine an in-person or video visit is necessary to diagnose their ailment.

The Health Center is among a handful of other service providers piloting this tool as a way to improve access to care. Though the tool won’t be a perfect fit for everyone and every situation, we hope the convenience will be welcome by those who opt to use it.

SmartExam is available for a wide variety of ailments including:

Birth Control
Bladder Infection (UTI)
Erectile Dysfunction
Ear Pain
Low Back Pain
Mouth sore
Smoking Cessation
Sexually Transmitted Illness
Sty/Pink Eye
Upper respiratory illness
Yeast Infection

SmartExam can be found under the Health tab in MyChart. For additional information about SmartExam and getting started with this service click here.

If you have any questions about this service please contact Community Health Center of Cape Cod at (508) 477-7090.